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Principles of success - Robert W. Sweet
Paul Ellis
The vermillion sea - Marylee McDonald
The vermillion sea - Marylee McDonald
The Courier - Gordon J. Campbell
Between Sky and the Sea - Marylee McDonald
The door to the Sea - Marylee McDonald
The Golden Cage - Tom PUGH
CURIOUS - T B Kashdan
Knocked Up - Lisa Ferland
End of oblivion - AleksanderOstojic
Spirituality Reborn - C. Gomas
"Tatlin was wonderful to work with and really helped me figure out my book cover's design. I love the surrealist approach and am hiring him for my other book covers."-LISA FERLAND "Sehr gute Ideen und sehr schnelle Umsetzung!" -Nicole Wallschlaeger"Five-star designer. Easy to work with Tatlin. A fast worker. He exceeded my expectations. Highly recommended."-W. J.  Costello"Ho richiesto una copertina per il mio ebook, il lavoro è stato preciso e veloce ed il risultato finale mi ha soddisfatto totalmente." -R. Manuali"This was my fourth project with Tatlin. Same like before he has worked with great professionalism. He has great ideas and a lot of imagination - a real artist. I can only recommend his work!"-Indira Jackson
The other side - A.E. Costello
BADAXX - Stanley Robertson
Inventing Hell - Jon M SWEENEY
Les ecrivains dans la grande guerre -
The Snuff Boy - Ijen Kim
Realworld - Jack Cole
Flawed - Lynette Landing
Pandora's Childre - Dan M Kalin
The search for it all Frederick Von Burg
Martyrs al-sabra Dan M Kalin
Richard C Davis - Sal Water Taffy's
Richard C Davis - Six Sundays
Fight for freedom - Marcus Ferrar
Bipolar II - Frank McLYNN
Bipolar - Frank McLYNN
Better Life - Peter Fritz Walter
Wem ehre gebuhrt -  Rainer Kottke
335th assault helicopter company
Dimitri Carlet
The Boy who knew too much - Cathy Bird Haupt

analyzing childhood trauma - puah neiel
analyzing childhood trauma - puah neiel
on a journey - alexander moseley
Soul Goal - Stephanie Philp
Live long, dye Young - Wauter Delvaux
Christ Synced - s. Hold sworth
Gods of the valley - Matt Ward
Going South - Michael Hill
one-down Sharon M Thompson
way of south - B.J. Leonard
altersarmu? - Uwe Riegel
BladeVR Terry Schott
BladeVR Terry Schott
BladeVR Terry Schott
Annabel Alden
ashley mussbacher
judy ryan
Paul Strathern - Mendeleyev
Ryan - Indira Jackson
Dr Strangelove's game - Paul Strathern
susan van breda
smarter futures - Richard Hodge
win knuckey
Inward - Wayne Frye
Richard Hodge
wayne frye
stacy voss
Forest girl - Empi Baryeh
The big Lie - dinesh d'souza
the winning of carbon war - Jeremy Leggett
Education forward
God's choice - Van de sande
The New system - Sam Jane Brown
extreme lean - bob krausert
Missouri Loves company - W J Costello
Florida Son - W J Costello
new york strip - W J Costello
Schatten uber Nargon - Nicole Wollschlaeger
This book means business - Alison Jones
Circle of Saint George
Jazz guitar elements
Schatten uber Nargon - Nicole Wollschlaeger
Unholy Trinity - Mark Aarons and John Loftus
Epoch Terry Schott
Dan M. Kalin
Dan M. Kalin
samurai husband
epic science, ancient faith
Tim Stroh
phoenix code
a different familiar
victor in spain
scott medbury
scott medbury
scott medbury
Andrew lavallee
Dad's dog
tiago Brunet
Spies Sadist and Sorcerers - Dominic Selwood
four funerals - Mike Keren
elbschmerz - Nicole Wollschlaeger
elbschmerz - Nicole Wollschlaeger
ron franscell
ron franscell
Gerald Posner
Paul Ellis

Scott Barry
Nonstandard Provability - Paula Henk
Jaden Sterling
Turnstiles - Annette Asimai Balise



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